Tiana Walton is a UK based freelance photographer and videographer. With a creative eye, she sets out to capture the untold stories of the backroads. Her passion lies in the exploration of the great outdoors and the intimate moments that come along with it; from camping trips, night drives, and the beauty of the night sky. She has a real love for 4x4’s and camping, and her own modified Toyota Hilux and her 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser are the perfect tools to make it happen. Tiana’s work captures the beauty of the world around her, and her desire to break free from the mundane and share stories of adventure. Through her photography and videography, she strives to encourage others to experience the world around them and to appreciate the beauty it holds. Tiana is truly passionate about making the world a better place, and with her unique perspectives and storytelling abilities, she is determined to leave a lasting impression.

Toyota Hilux -  MK7 with standard specs. 

We decided to kit it out and make it our own. ~Starting with the basics, we began by giving the exterior an overhaul with a new set of wheels, tyres and a custom-made front bed rack in which I the pink roof tent is mounted... This project has been an ongoing process since 2016 and we’ve loved every second of it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this custom-built Toyota Hilux.Toyota Hilux Build -

Read about this ongoing project on the Toyota blog.


The latest addition. LJ70 1989 Toyota LandCruiser.

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